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Where the Tropics Begin may be stretching it a little. But between the ornate City Hall on Dixie and City Hall Annex on Federal, Lake Worth is unique -- with almost everything anyone would ever need within strolling distance on the strolling avenues of Lake and Lucerne.

There's CVS Pharmacy, a wonderful old-fashioned library, an old-time barber shop, eateries from affordable to high-end -- Korean, Japanese, Greek, French, Asian Fusion, Middle Eastern, French, Italian, German, Cuban, Mexican -- a city library like libraries uses to be, unique gift stores, a French bakery, beauty shops, jewelry stores, antique stores, artist gallery (represents some 25 artists), a historic theatre, independent films daily, a newsstand, an Irish bar, pizza, icecream, a pet store, and the ubiquitous Starbucks. It even boasts the original TwoJays. A couple of gas stations, too, and a Post Office. Plus Bryant Park with Amphitheatre and the nearby city-owned Lake Worth Golf Course, which also has an open-to-the-public dining room in its clubhouse.

A comfortable hike across the bridge over the Intracoastal lies the beach with its own restaurants, a weekly Green Market, and a magnificent fishing pier. We're trying to bring them all together here. When you're looking for one store, you'll get to know its neighbors too in this unique community
. -- Bill Condie

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